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Posted on 6 January 2016

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So we are well back in to the swing of things after the Christmas and New Year break here at RSVP. But not all us spent the time eating lots of Turkey and Mince Pies (although I did) some of our wonderful staff were doing some great things over Christmas. We’d thought we would give you a little snippet of what’s been going on.

Thomasin played Jack in Jack in The Beanstalk in a tour across the southern counties of England. Whilst Thomasin did a great job playing the eponymous hero there were times when it didn’t all go to plan. During one of the performances whilst ‘Jack’ was climbing the beanstalk and all of sudden it all came down around her. However Thomasin in the fine actors tradition realised the show must go on and adlibbed whilst the Beanstalk was being rebuilt.

Dee had a really exciting time over Christmas. She was auditioning for Cats the musical for the part Demeter. The audition was over two days and had five stages involved and Dee managed to get to the last round of auditions to get it just between two of them. I’m pleased to say she won the UK leg. She now has agonising wait while auditions go on New York to see if she got the part but wish her all the best of luck.

Lastly we have Wayne Summerbell who supervises on the 6th floor has had an incredibly busy Christmas period. Whilst working here Wayne was off to Hampton Court Palace every morning to rehearse the “The Hunt for the Unicorn.” Wayne was beginning an 8 day run on the 27th doing 3 shows a day ins Surrey, as well teaching the children who visited the palace at the time “Most people were still lying on the couch & scoffing leftover Xmas turkey. I, on the other hand, was getting up before the crack of dawn to navigate the London reduced Xmas public transport system (certainly was an experience). A bus, 2 tubes & a train-journey into the heart of Surrey was just how I started my day.” Wayne will get his first day to himself on the 9th and you can’t say he doesn’t deserve it!