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Posted on 14 June 2017 by

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When it comes to hiring new staff, you should be looking out for their potential from the off. It’s important that candidates already possess certain qualities such as willingness to learn, a positive attitude and personality; but with regards to product and client knowledge, this is something that can be taught during training.

We’ve put together some top tips that we believe make a successful call centre agent!


  1. Knowledge Retention

As agents are the ones speaking to customers, answering questions and providing information, we believe the most important aspect of being a great agent is having excellent product knowledge. They need to be able to provide high quality support to customers and to do this, they need to learn and memorise a good amount of information about your company. As brand ambassadors it’s important that they agree with what your company is promoting/standing for.  

In training, it’s a good idea to make the agent aware of frequently asked questions so that they can become familiar with answers. It’s important the agent is confident when answering questions as this will help the customer trust them and therefore trust your company.


        2. Attention to Detail

When agents are speaking to customers all day, often answering the same questions and receiving similar complaints, the job can sometimes become tedious. The danger of this is that the agent can sometimes make a mistake or assume they understand the customer’s needs without fully listening to the enquiry (we’re only human after all!).

Unfortunately it seems that this is quite a common occurrence within call centres – according to talkdesk, consumers say that on average agents only answer their questions 50% of the time. For your company to stand out from the rest, your agents need to go above and beyond to exceed the customer’s expectations. It’s always a nice touch to ask the customer if there’s anything else they need help with/if they’re satisfied with the service they’ve received before ending the call. You want the customer to finish the call feeling free from doubt.


        3. Communication Skills

This sounds obvious but it is so important your agents have excellent communication skills. Communicating with customers is the sole job of a call centre agent, so it’s vital this is never conveyed in a poor manner. And remember, communicating isn’t just about speaking. It’s about actively listening to the customer’s needs, digesting information and giving a quick solution to the problem.  

We believe this is where we stand out from our competitors as a company. As our agents are all involved in the creative industry, they are used to being confident, polite and always willing to go the extra mile. Don’t stand for laziness – if an agent isn’t willing to meet the customer’s and your expectations this will reflect negatively on your brand.


At RSVP, we believe these 3 skills are key when hiring and training agents. If your agents carry these qualities throughout their time working for you, your customers will thank you for it!


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