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Posted on 18 August 2017 by

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It is no longer equitable to present your business solely on a web page. The modern business market now requires most businesses to be connected through multiple social media platforms and expand their outreach to websites such as Facebook and Twitter. These platforms are great ways of creating and maintaining a competitive edge which allows you a point of contact to performing successful and effective customer service. Companies without these social media platforms run a large risk of missing huge marketing opportunities and blind themselves to customer service issues which could be resolved quickly and easily.

Interaction With Your Customer Base

The ability to interact with your customer base through social media is a huge advantage to your business marketing and customer service strategy. Having the ability to interact and view your customer’s comments and experiences through Facebook and Twitter, it allows you to gain an insight into customer needs and allows you to formulate marketing strategies to meet their needs. With the accessibility social media brings, the communication is much more personal with your customers and subsequently, you provide a much more engaging experience.

Previous strategies include adverts where a customer couldn’t respond directly and took a purely passive role. However, the ability to provide more communication allows you to build trust and a personal relationship. These previous strategies were altogether based on age. However, modern social media strategies consider a broader spectrum of factors including directing marketing at interests, locality and educational background, as well as other aspects. This enables you to communicate more directly with your relevant audience on other platforms. It is important as a business that you keep up to date with the top social media trends as well as innovative ways to monitor success so you can constantly improve.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a fantastic tool for marketing your business on social media. It helps your search engine rank which in turn allows customers to find you quickly. However, it is vital to make sure your brand is represented appropriately and to its full capacity online as it is so much easier for people to find you online from social media searching. Building your brand over social media allows you to access millions of people for little to no cost which in turn will help your brand awareness and conversion rates grow. 

Recruitment Through Social Media

Many human resource teams now use social media as a method of recruitment. People are more commonly using social media as a way of finding jobs which can be anything from checking the Facebook page of a potential employer to using LinkedIn to find potential jobs. With that in mind, it would be unproductive to lose out on potentially good candidates because of your lack of social media presence. Your HR representatives can use this as a way of finding new, potential candidates for current openings and positions. They can also tweet and share job openings which is a fantastic way of recruiting.

In conclusion, without the means of social media, you could be missing out on many ways to market and promote your business. Using social media to help recruit for your company can be massively beneficial and is incredibly popular within modern recruitment. You’ll get a far greater response by using various social networking sites such as and to advertise positions. However, it’s important you understand the networks you choose to use.

As a business, you should have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account set up. You need to be using videos, pictures and detailed posts for Facebook, short announcements for Twitter and only pictures for Instagram. You should also always use hashtags when using Twitter and Instagram as this will help your posts ‘trend’ and therefore get seen by more people.

If you get into the habit of posting on these social media sites daily with general updates about what’s going on within your business, you will gain more followers and your business will get noticed by more people and potential new clients. Simple! You can also let people know if you’re recruiting, and as you’ll already have more followers from posting updates, the news will become more widely spread that you’re looking to hire.

How  Does This Assist RSVP?

At RSVP, we mainly use social media platforms to recruit as it’s a more relaxed way of telling people you’re hiring. As we only hire performers and those pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, it’s great that we can take this more ‘casual’ approach. Of course, we still post all the details: pay, hours, what we do as a company etc., but we try to make it more personal and conversational to attract the necessary employees. We get a great response because people are automatically comfortable approaching us. We also find people share our posts on social media now because they know what we’re about, so they actually help us recruit!