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Posted on 27 July 2016 by

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By Hannah Wyre


Welcome back RSPB!!


Here at RSVP, as you know, we work with/for a number of brilliant companies and luxury products. However, now and again, we also work with a charity for their certain campaigns, and it’s that time in the year again where we are looking forward to welcoming back the RSPB account!!


In the past we have helped the charity carry out their ‘give nature a home’ campaign and ultimately helped raise more money for the charity – thus being essential for their company to survive and helping make a real difference to the future of wildlife.


This time round, we will be using a group of around 20 of our agents to help the company. We will be getting in touch with some of their previous customers and visitors to see if they would be interested in becoming a member of the charity to help aid RSPB in the fantastic research which they so need.  In return, those who join will receive a personalised online nature plan!


James Unwin, will be account manager for RSPB, and he is super excited to welcome the charity back.

You can find out more about the brilliant charity and the all of the great work that they do here: