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Posted on 18 August 2015

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At RSVP we do like to look after our staff. Seeing that the majority of the employees here are freelance actors and musicians we wanted to make their professional career a little less costly. What we have done at RSVP have sourced some discounts that can help get them a start in their careers as well as some in their day to day lives. Here are some examples of discounts you get if you work at the RSVP team.


Vocaltone Studios 50%.

Vocaltone Studios is running a special 50% discount for RSVP Staff. We offer Voice Reels and Demo Reels to a professional standard. I have been recording and producing high quality tracks for many different artists for 8 years. If you have any questions or need advice on what to include in your reel I will be happy to help!


50% Discount Sugarpod Voice and Productions

Sugar Pod Productions are a creative voice over agency & specialist voice over recording studio. We are currently running a special RSVP 50% discount offer on our workshops.


The Poor School

The Poor school are offering 10% off rehearsal and studio space for all RSVP staff.


Waiting For the call Training Academy

Learn Musical Improvisation with the UK’s original long form Musical Improvisation team. Fresh from sell out London shows, the Funny women semi-finals and Sunday times pick of the fringe, Waiting for the Call present an opportunity to learn the skills and techniques that make Waiting for the Call unique.

Two people 10% discount = £166.50 per person

Three people 15% discount = £157.25 per person

Four people 20% discount = £148.00 per person

Five or more 25% discount = £138.75 per person


St Georges of Mayfair Cafe Discount

All RSVP staff get 10% off food and drinks in St Georges. This is the cafe in Pepper Street opposite Tescos.

Free Vend on Tea and Coffee in the office

RSVP is offering free vend for the tea, coffee and hot chocolates between the hours on 9am 10am and 12pm 2pm Monday to Friday.