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Posted on 20 April 2016


We just wanted you give you an update on our superhuman Wayne Russell. For those that don’t know Wayne Russell former RSVP’er has set out to run the entirety of the British coastline in aid of the Superhero Foundation and in the name of his sister Carmel Webb.

Wayne’s effort is truly heroic and has so far risen over a £5000 for charity. He started his trip in Cutty Sark Greenwich and in the last couple of days he has just crossed the 4000 mile mark as he passed through Inverness.  

He has slept rough in bus shelters, in his tent and been relying on the kindness of strangers for warm beds and food along the way. As he passed through Scotland another type if hero has been giving him a big help as local fire services have been allowing to kip in their stations.

To know the full story please check out his website and Facebook and if you are inspired to give money then please give generously at  and have a look at his video below

Keep going Wayne we are all behind you.