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Posted on 17 May 2016

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That’s right not one, or two, but three celebrations for our Secret Escapes team downstairs. The main party was centred on the fact that it is four years to the day since we have been working with the high end booking company and we felt it was a perfect excuse to crack out some bubbly for the dedicated multilingual team. We have been working with Secret Escapes dealing with customer queries and bookings over the telephone in a number of European Languages, including German, Norwegian, Danish and many more. New Account manager Peter Doczi and the team did some home cooking representing some of the regions we work for with some lovely food (see photo’s below) for the team and some stragglers from the resources department.

This is not the only cause of celebration because as some of you may know today is Norwegian Constitution Day. On the 17th of May every year Norwegian Constitution Day celebrates their declaration of being and independent Kingdom from Sweden and Denmark during the Napoleonic Wars. As I mentioned on the Travel and Tourism team we have a number of Norwegian Speakers working with us and they of course came dressed in full traditional attire. The day is celebrated across Norway with parades across the whole country and everyone says Happy Birthday to one another or “Gratulerer med dagen” as it’s pronounced.


Lastly but certainly not least today is our Client Services Director Hiten Patel’s birthday. He has reliable informed that is again his 21st birthday and I have no reason to question him. Happy Birthday Hitz from your RSVP family.

So we would like to wish a happy birthday to the Secret Escapes Team, Norway and Hiten Patel. I tell you what not many company blogs will give you that.

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