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Posted on 6 April 2017 by

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When a client puts their brand and reputation in your hands you want to make sure that they are getting the best possible service … Here are some of our top tips for making that happen!


Call Quality Monitoring

It is extremely important to make sure you’re keeping on top of what your agents are doing – the best way to do this is to listen to their calls, and on a regular bases! As the agents are the ones speaking to customers, they are brand ambassadors. Actively listening to their calls to ensure they are representing the client in the best possible way will help maintain excellent customer service - this will also keep your clients happy!

At RSVP, we have dedicated full time staff who listen to agents calls every day to ensure they are always meeting our clients requirements and providing the best service to our client’s customers. On top of listening to calls, we also provide workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions to help improve call quality.



It’s very important to have trainers who are experienced and have excellent product knowledge. They need to know the business very well and need to be able to maintain a positive attitude when training new agents. This will keep your new agents interested whilst training and make them eager to learn! 

We fully train staff over a period of time so that they have great product knowledge about that particular client’s business. The trainers were also telemarketing operators themselves; they have spoken to customers and know what to do to meet their needs.

Our Sales staff are trained to sell by having a conversation with the customer and building a rapport with them – this helps the customer to engage with staff and enables them to put their trust in our agents; helping us make our all-important sales for the client whilst maintaining a good relationship with customers.  Our Customer service staff are taught advanced listening skills to allow them to quickly ascertain what a customer’s individual needs are.


PCI Compliance within Our Offices

It is essential to always ensure you’re meeting the requirements of being PCI compliant. This will make your clients feel much happier about working with you and it will make your office environment look much more professional!

We don’t allow the use of mobile phones on our sales floor as this is a breach of PCI data protection rules. Equally, as our agents have to be able to speak to their agent/casting directors throughout the day, we allow them to take breaks away from their computers where they can handle these calls.

We are also a paperless office as we know the importance of handling sensitive information when speaking to customers. To help us remain PCI compliant, we don’t have paper and pens out at desks. We like to keep our office looking tidy and professional for our clients!


Talented Staff

At RSVP, we only employ those in the creative industry. Our staff vary from actors and singers to stage managers and models! Our agents have well-honed resilience, empathy and listening skills.

Being actively involved in the creative industry, our staff are professionally trained to possess great communication skills – the majority of our agents have been trained on average for 3 years in vocal quality and active listening.

They are able to use their natural empathy to match different situations depending on the customers’ particular needs; this helps them to connect and make each and every call personal to the customer. Whilst having the ability to be empathetic, our agents also have the confidence to take control of a situation – it’s all about having the right balance!

Our staff will only handle calls on one particular account at one time – this enables them to be completely focused on that particular clients expectations and their customers’ needs.

We believe there is no one better suited to a communication based role than actors and performers!


At RSVP, we believe it’s about getting the right balance. We use the skills our agents already possess and enhance them to deliver excellent customer service!