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Posted on 11 February 2019 by

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By Lauren Bennett


As you are probably aware, here at RSVP we are actively working alongside Time to Change (TTC) to tackle mental health stigmas in the workplace. Last Thursday marked TTC’s advertised Time to Talk Day campaign, encouraging staff to sit down and talk openly about their mental health.




We are actively moving forward with a full team of TTC champions and this event served as a great way to help introduce the TTC team to everyone. Mental health in general should be talked about; this is why we as a company have decided to be extremely proactive with our staff, letting them know that we are here to support them whenever they need help. As a first step, asking for help can be the hardest step to face when dealing with mental health issues, so knowing there are specific people there to help you take this step will do wonders to ease these difficulties.




As part of the TTC’s nationally run Time to Talk campaign, we decided to run our very own mental health coffee morning. We had two of our fabulous TTC champions available throughout the day to answer questions and just to have a general chat with over a cup of tea or coffee, and an all-important biscuit!



Here I am with Rachel Wheeler, another TTC Champion, ready to welcome people for the coffee morning.


The coffee morning took place in one of our main break areas from 10:00-14:00, with a selection of mental health awareness literature for all staff to read.  We also had a selection of homemade treats including cake and those delicious biscuits with smiley faces. These certainly seemed to also put smiles on staff members faces too!




We also had various activities set up in the break area too; some of these were conversation starters sourced from the pack that TTC sent through the post to us. The conversation starter was an origami ‘fortune teller’ finger game and it was a great way to get people talking. One of our favourite outcomes from this was the challenge thrown down to perform a random act of kindness, a lovely way to spread positivity into the world. We also had the postcards supplied to us by TTC and we suggested all staff sit and write down at least 3 positive things about themselves. 




Overall the day was a major success as we had a consistent flow of staff coming and talking with our Time to Change champions who were on hand throughout the day.


We are very thankful to Time to Change for organising such a great campaign, and after such a successful day, we have now decided to continue similar events periodically for all of our staff to enjoy throughout the year. By holding regular events and continuing to raise mental health awareness within the workplace we hope to stamp out the common stigmas behind mental health problems and let the world know that it’s okay not to be okay, there are always people there to help.