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Posted on 29 July 2015

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It’s Wednesday! Not always the most remarkable days sat in the middle of the week but for our largest wine account it means only one thing “The Wednesday Cup.”

The 7th floor is always abuzz on a Wednesday as the opportunity to earn an extra pound an hour on the weekly payslip rolls around again. With over a 100 agents on the accounts books at the moment, the cup is hotly contested!

 To win you must first pass through the qualifying round which is getting 2 sales between 12-3pm, then after that you must get a sale every hour until you reach the final at 19:30. The final hour is straight shoot out to see who can get the most sales, and in the event of a tie it comes down who made the most sales throughout the day.

Lewys T was the agent who took the top prize last week.  He has only been at the company for a few weeks but did a brilliant job to get himself the extra cash on his paycheck!

Food and Drink accounts are a mainstay at RSVP. With over 200 agents across all accounts on the 7th floor, we have built up an expertise on telemarketing food and alcohol. This is being shown by the fact that the accounts are expanding at a rapid rate and new accounts are coming in all the time , including a brand new one this week.