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Posted on 26 January 2016

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We are always really happy when our previous staff goes on to do some great things. Thomas Bentley who worked with us back in 2012 has become involved in a fantastic new project.

The Truthful Phone was a story originally penned by one of the legendary comedy group Monty Python Terry Gilliam, has been dubbed the Welsh Gremlins. It is a dark fantasy story about a village that is invaded by Muppet style puppets.

A really fantastic team including puppeteers who have worked on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, cinematographers who have collaborated with Wes Craven, acting talent from Harry Potter, and has recently announced that Michael Sheen. The Kickstarter has been garnering some fantastic support. Including a tweet from Gilliam’s partner in crime Eric Idle.


They still have two weeks left on the Kickstarter and would love your support please check the link below. Thomas himself said “Please Back it. TODAY  if you can- less than 2 weeks remain! Now is the time we really need your support… Big BIG thanks for any help you can provide”

We are really looking forward to seeing hit our screens soon!