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Posted on 30 June 2015

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A day or two ago, I decided to ask our staff who was raising money this summer, and what for. I thought I might be able to bring a little light to the efforts of one or two folk on social media and have something fresh to post about; you know, something uplifting but ultimately fleeting. So, I emailed out, expecting it might yield one or two heroic sorts gearing up for a Fun Run (or something) but it turns out I had shamefully underestimated the charming folk at RSVP.

It’s come to light that there are LOADS of awesome people set to raise funds for a whole host of charities this summer!

So take a minute or two to explore some of these important causes and those who are championing them.

First to get back to me was Katie. Katie is raising money to combat a very tragic but altogether unheeded condition called Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS). Katie lost a dear friend called Craig Lobo in 2013 to SADS; Craig left a group of loving friends and a family already shaken to the core by the death of Craig’s younger sister less than a year before. I can’t comprehend the shear devastation these losses must’ve caused to those who knew them. A team of Craig’s closest ran a 10k last year to raise money to support SADS UK and they are doing it again! 14 people will be out on the 12th July, taking part in the British 10k Run in London.

You should find out more about their efforts, so check their YouTube and Donation pages: (plleeeeaaassssee)

Hot on Katie’s heels was Alex. This one’s a double whammy as it is both charity fundraising AND a theatre production! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Mayhem Musical Theatre; they’re a non-profit organisation that raises money for less fortunate folk. MMT are currently staging Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ and all proceeds are being donated to the Alzheimer’s Society. What an inspirational effort this is; even when Theatre and the Arts have taken the biggest financial knock they’ve faced in decades, this company still finds a way - not only to create a production - but to do it for charity! Good on you, guys! Seriously impressed!

Get your Tickets Here >>>

Who has heard of ‘Pretty Muddy’? For those of you who don’t know, it’s part of the ‘Race For Life’ initiative and raises money for Cancer Research UK. You run about, wrestle with delightfully pink, inflatable obstacles and get covered from top to tail in mud. Sounds fun, right? Well, two of our people are in training for this epic escapade; Helen and Melody. The race is 5k in total but it’s not that distance that gets you on this one, it’s all the crazy stuff they put in the way. It’s got a great tagline though: “Cancer plays dirty, but so can we”. Nice. Get out there and kick Cancer in the crotch!

Helen and Melody are looking for sponsors, so please take a look at their JustGiving pages:

The final shout-out in Part 1 goes to one of our big-wigs, Stevie. Now, Stevie is getting old – and the older, he gets the more he seems to push himself physically. Upon turning 40, Stevie decided to embark on the mammoth task of competing in 40 competitive events in one year. Incredibly, he has already accomplished 18 and No.19 is just around the corner. For Stevie’s next age-defying feat, he is about to saddle up for the Prudential Ride London Sportive; a 100 mile jaunt around the city. Shortly after that, Stevie is off to Lisbon to run the ‘Rock n Roll Marathon’ (No.20); a 26.2 mile run along Lisbon’s picturesque coast. Unlike the stuffy London Marathon, Lisbon’s Marathon is underscored by live bands that cover the entire 26 mile course, playing to the runners and keeping them geared up. Stevie is trying to raise £3,000 for Children with Cancer, please help him reach that goal!

Thanks so much for reading; I will be back with you soon to post The Summer of Love: In The Name of Giving [Part 2]…