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Posted on 5 February 2015 by

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RSVP exhibits yearly at Surviving Actors - A convention by actors for actors'!

The convention falls into three sections – DEVELOP, SUSTAIN, and CREATE. Events run throughout the year and introduce actors to the various ways of making money outside the profession, how to hone their skills to better their craft and create new opportunities for work! Events are held annually in London, Manchester and New York.

The event gives us access to graduates and jobbing actors - all looking for ways to improve their careers,  There are meetings with Casting Directors, Seminars and access to the exhibitors hall which is where they will find us!

Every year the HR department and a team of specially selected agents explain the benefits of RSVP  to the delegates, taking contact information and setting up interviews in the process.

With the next event coming up on the 7th of February we are excited to meet the next group of potential RSVP staff!.


Event trailer can be found here:


An actors video diary at the event:


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