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Posted on 26 February 2016

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That’s right it’s another cakey Friday here at RSVP. The lucky people down on the 5th floor have had themselves a cupcake decorating competition.

Our biggest Subscriptions client has provided the lucky lot downstairs with 80 fancy cupcakes as a Friday treat. To add a little spice they wanted to employ the team’s creativity and asked them to decorate the cakes in two minutes with prizes going to the winners and a booby prize to the losers.

The winners as were:

In number one was this fabulous effort from Rebecca. The judges loved her attention to detail and the cones filled with lovehearts

IMG 20160226 155916

Number two was a shared prize between a Becca and Lito for their marvellous efforts for their Unicorn and Horsey efforts.

IMG 20160226 155927

Third was again shared with two more conceptual ideas the office robot by Billy and Adams Tracey Emin inspired piece.

IMG 20160226 155943IMG 20160226 155940

Will took the booby prize with this disaster.

 IMG 20160226 160246


Check out all the other photos and have a fantastic weekend one and all!


IMG 20160226 151702IMG 20160226 151551IMG 20160226 151758IMG 20160226 151808IMG 20160226 152122IMG 20160226 152254IMG 20160226 152527IMG 20160226 152636IMG 20160226 152628IMG 20160226 152822IMG 20160226 153239IMG 20160226 153242