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Posted on 6 April 2016

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If you are an actor in the UK you have more than likely come across The Facebook group The Hustle. Their raison-d'être has been to bring artists together and build a stronger community between artists and their peers and industry leaders. "We collaborate with industry leaders, organisations and service providers who contribute to our vision to build a community & improve our Industry."

This week The Hustle took the brave step of launching a website and held it's opening night yesterday, which was sponsored by the lovely people here at RSVP. The website is an extension of the Facebook group and is one stop shop for all actors needs and includes, resources, support, a directory and a fantastic blogspot with voices from the industry.

 The opening night was a bit of a cracker as well. The group managed to pull it's contacts in and put on a bit of a show with acts such as 'Beyond Repair Dance,' choreographer Ryan Jenkins, and competitive rock, paper, scissors all made an appearance last night.

If you would like to find out more about The Hustle then please find them on Facebook at or check out their brand new website at

Everyone at RSVP wants to wish the good people at The Hustle all the best of luck with their new venture and keep up the good work.