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Posted on 20 August 2015

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Tuesday 18th August 2015

Having woken up in the luxury of my folk’s apartment, it was hard to get back to the grind and write up the show I saw yesterday. Seeing as their internet was down, this meant getting the tram back to Prince’s Street and marching back up to ours.

I spent much of the day typing away; probably the hardest review I’ve had to write so far.

We were all worried that, having just had a day off, the show would suffer; luckily, it didn’t.

Another sell-out, my folks in the front row… WHAT COULD GO WRONG!?

The fam went for dinner again at a curry house near The Courtyard. SPICY

Afterwards, I joined in with the cast as they finished a pub quiz, placing an admirable 9th. We then went back to the flat for many bottles of wine. And gin..

It finished up with Dickie and I drinking into the wee hours. I got some really sound advice about this profession but an actor I admire. It was good.

Tomorrow is going to be rough – at 01:00 we ran out of tonic so it was neat gin from there on in… HANGOVER PENDING

Wednesday 19th August

Ouch. Last night was being paid for this morning, tenfold.

I went out to see a show at lunch time to find it was sold out. Andy, Maddy and I went to the Courtyard to see if anything else was on; they decided on a show that I had already been to review, so I left them to it and when home.

I think I have hit a bit of a midway slump. It’s harder to do anything productive with my days. I will have to snap out of this or I’ll miss out on everything Edinburgh has left to offer.

After the show tonight - A BIT ROPY -  I popped home for dinner before heading out to a very unique and terrible show. Worst one yet. By far. The gang went to the pub after and discussed what we hated most about it; it turns out, we all hated everything the most.

Tonight is the midway party for all Pleasance Performers, Technical teams and  Staff. I had high hopes of it being a good night. That hope was misplaced. It was like the first night of Fresher’s week in there. I’ll be washing pheromones out of my clothes for weeks. Drinks were cheap though, but I could only stomach the event for about 45mins. Went back to the flat with Helen and relaxed.