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Posted on 12 August 2015

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Monday 10th August 2015

No shows for me to see today; I spent the day in my room feeling altogether rather shoddy.

You feel a strange kind of guilt when you do this; up here, surrounded by so much to do; but I needed to regain my strength.

So, quietly I sat, watching films and TV shows until it was time to venture out to do the show. I downed two litres of water, took some painkillers and headed to The Courtyard.

Today was our first sell-out show! The audience was rammed and we were tense, seeing as our last performance was a bit of a disappointment. We met for notes and David gave us a few thoughts to be going on with.

The play went up and, luckily, we nailed it to the floor OOOHH YYYEEAAA

A show we could be proud of.

I bumped into a couple of my central mates after the show and we all headed out to a terrible venue playing some of the most harrowingly popular music you can think of. It was terrible. I also felt at least a decade older than anyone else in the room. Luckily, Mr. Booze was on hand to make it all run a little smoother. I headed back around 03:00, I have two show to see before lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday 11th August 2015.

I was up at 10:00 and showered and dressed before anyone else in the flat; a rarity.

I saw two shows today; one poor, the other superb.

I had a Full Scottish Breakfast today; four different kinds of meet piled into a bap with a potato cake on the side. HEART ATTACK. It was delicious.

Around 13:30, I went back to the flat to write and spent the rest of the day in my room. The only problem with agreeing to review is how much time it takes, it’s lucky that we aren’t writing negatively about anything; we only write about the plays we can endorse. I would never leave my computer if were slandering as well as supporting!


We performed even better tonight! We even got a standing ovation from some of the crowd. Felt good. This play is finally hitting its stride. Was in bed by 12:00 tonight .. TIRED IS’NT EVEN THE WORD

Big Love.