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Posted on 6 August 2015

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Wednesday 5th August, 2015

We all woke with a real air of anticipation. Today was the day!

We spent the morning in quiet seclusion before meeting up around midday for a line run. Everyone was feeling very positive. Afterwards, we all trekked down to the van to grab our wonderful flyers and posters. HEAVY LIFTING! We have thousands!

We are doing flyering in shifts. Today, Dickie and Andy were first up. MARCH ON YOU THESBIAN SOLDIERS

The rest of us met up ridiculously early in The Courtyard. We had grand plans about being prepared for our first show, knowing that there were some very important people in the audience, but really it gave us too much time to grow nervous. We stood around like plums, occasionally putting the odd flyer on a table or chatting to passing punters, but everyone’s mind was on the show he HADN’T actually run yet … That show that had nearly sold out … That show we were doing for the national press … Yea, that show … AAAARRRGGHH

So, after too long, we went backstage to prepare. The whole venue was already running 20 minutes late because of issues earlier in the day so we felt the time pressure.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly enough. We stowed our stuff in the wings and set our quick-change costumes. Me and Stella got into bed ALO ALO and the lights went out…

The Show was not great… SAD FACE

It was a sloppy state of affairs; I wouldn’t blame the audience if they thought that we’d had a few too many to drink, or that we simply could manage our tech-heavy show.

The truth is, that was essentially our dress rehearsal! Our first go at it in the space! And we came up against a number of unforeseen bumps in an already bumpy road.

I mean, it wasn’t bad – Lynn Gardner was nice about us in her review – but it stings a little when you know you could do it so much better. HEY HO

We headed to the bar to console ourselves afterwards and ended up having a wicked night as a cast.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

Thursday 6th August 2015

Caught my first show in The Pleasance today. We have these performer’s passes that allow us to see stuff for free; it’s time to get my money’s worth! FREE STUFF!


Me and Stella were off flyering today! Turns out, I SUCK at flyering. FLYER FAIL

I hate having to ‘big up’ something I’m in! It makes me feel a bit sick. Nevertheless, we gave it a good go. I sheepishly wondered around Edinburgh like that one kid at school no one wants to eat lunch with. Stella, on the other hand, is a natural!

We pretty much flyered the whole of the afternoon. We saw so much of the city and bumped into all manner of friends, past and present. A really good afternoon, all things considered.

The cast and crew met an hour before the show to talk about our slightly disappointing show yesterday. A lot of what went wrong was logistical; our wheelie bed, our wheelie doors, and our wing usage. Also, offstage noise had to be addressed. 90% of these issues boil down to blind panic; there wasn’t a calm one among us yesterday and it showed.

Tonight, things went a lot better. So much better, in fact. We were so happy we’ve returned to form.

David left with a smile on his face and a spring in his step; which is always a reassuring sight.

 I popped home after the show, munching on a buffalo burger MMMM BUFFALO and headed out later for some stand-up. It was “meh”.

Home now. I need an early night. SO THIS IS BEING SOBER … NOT SURE I’M A FAN

Big Love.