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Posted on 5 August 2015

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Monday 4th August, 2015

Today started with a 9:00 meet outside Pret in Kings Cross station.

By the time I arrived, most of the cast and crew had already assembled.

Our train was at 9:30 so we had a few minutes to buy supplies and get to platform 3.

We all hopped on and settled in; some of us slept, others read and Andy stared longingly out of the window BRIEF ENCOUNTER STYLES

I pretty much read solidly for 5 hours; I have to say, the journey absolutely flew by.

We arrived in Edinburgh at around 14:00 and hopped in a taxi to The Pleasance Courtyard, our home from home.

We had a bit of a wait for our keys, but once we got them, the whole team marched the ridiculously short distance from The Courtyard to our bolthole.

The rooms are nice. They’re student accommodation and staying here is both nostalgic and comforting. We have a nice communal kitchen and comfy rooms – it does make me want to by 2 litres of Strongbow and dress up in a toga, but I shall resist. RESIST THE TOGA

We didn’t have long at our flat before we were back down to the theatre for a 5 hour tech rehearsal and rig. OOO THAT STINGS

The Fear set in quick.

Just like our tech at The NDT, our Pleasance Tech started with a wing run. Can we fit everything in the wings, have enough room to change and not have to stand on each other’s  shoulders just to be out of view … The answer was no … We couldn’t

We essentially had to ask The Pleasance staff to rebuild the wing space! Putting up new solid tabs, clearing everything they could from backstage and put temporary lighting about so we could see in the gloom.

Luckily for us, the Pleasance staff are awesome and they were more than happy to help, but I’ll tell you know, when we first came in, we were seriously worried about how we could make the show run.

Are plan was to complete our wing run, do a stagger-through for technical ques, then do a proper dress … It didn’t go according to plan …

We managed to complete our technical run but that was it … WE HAVEN’T HAD A DRESS REHEARSAL

Our first run at this show in the new space will be on opening night on Wednesday…. WE GOT THIS

After a mammoth day, we went back to our flat to change and were taken out for a wonderful dinner in town. Dinner became drinks and drinks became Stella, Andy and I in the kitchen at 04:00 in the morning with a bottle of wine and some Heinekens. DRUUUUUNK

Tuesday 4th August, 2015

I spent the vast majority of Tuesday in my room, pawing through the brochure and working out what I’m going to see. There is so much choice; so many talented companies are here and they there are too many to see.

I’ll coyly admit that I was hungover something fierce today and my plan was to get an early night. This did not happen …. I was offered a free watch of a friend’s dress rehearsals.

Off I went at 8:30 to watch two one hour shows; they finished at midnight and I was still out with the cast and crew at 03:00. PAAARRTTYYYY