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Posted on 20 August 2015

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Sunday 16th August 2015

My parents came up today.

They have rented out a nice place in the suburbs for the week.

The thing about the weekends here is that they are packed with people. It’s the two days when most of the performers here run to the hills to get away from it all; I had different plans. After another sell-out show YESSS, it was time to get busy.

I met with a new, old friend; Nikita. She is my girlfriend’s closest companion from drama school; they are kindred spirits. I have heard so much about her that I felt like I’d known her for years – today was the second time we’ve ever met.

After a fancy meal with the folks, Nikita and I hit the town.  We started off in Brewdogs for a few crafts and a long chat before moving on to a ping-pong bar - I KNOW RIGHT – it was actually a heap of fun. We met one of Nikita’s friends their randomly and played until they heft us out. We then went to the crummiest club in Edinburgh – literally the only people there – and drank some nasty pints of piss. Before we knew it, it was 05:00 in the morning and it was time to attempt to get home. We piled Nikita into a taxi and started to walk. En route, we bumped into a girl crying on the street; it turns out she had been punch in the face. We walked her home before turning in ourselves. EVENTFUL NIGHT…

Monday 17th August 2015

Today was my day off! No show to speak of! It was 16:00 before I could even face the outside world. PAPA JOHNS TO THE RESCUE

I went on a trip down memory lane today. Or, more to the point, a trip down my mum’s memory lane. She was a child in Edinburgh before she moved to Pakistan. We went to visit the house she used to live in. It was a sweet little thing, tucked away in a cul-de-sac. It looked out of place, surrounded by larger, more boring homes. We then drove round to her old school; it was no longer there. The buildings still stand, barely, and those that do have become an amateur dramatics theatre and a rugby club. It was great seeing these places and it meant a lot to my mum too.

We went to see a show together in the evening; it was very exciting and pretty twisted.

I stayed at my folk’s apartment tonight and had a barbeque TUNA STEAK WIN

I can’t tell you how great it was to sleep in a comfy bed; the ones in the halls could’ve been donated by HMP Edinburgh.