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Posted on 8 June 2018 by

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By Richard Lawrence-Allen


Turning 30 years old is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. It’s a time of life where all the uncertainty of your youth starts to settle and you can start to carve your way in the big wide world, confident and self-assured from all the lessons you’ve learned along the way. The same can be said of any business that reaches this milestone as well. As we age we learn and we grow, and RSVP has certainly grown over the years, becoming the innovative front-runner of the telecommunications industry that we see today.


IMG 2311

Dan, our concierge, getting the reception area ready for the celebrations.


This week marks RSVP’s 30th birthday, and what better time than now to look back to our roots and reflect on our achievements throughout the years. RSVP’s beginnings back in the June of 1988 were small and humble, but entrepreneur Bob Fitzjohn, our founder and CEO, had big ambitions. Initially, RSVP was conceived simply as an answering and messaging service for various different companies, but it wouldn’t stay this way forever. Through happenstance alone, Bob’s early staff members were actors looking for some reliable work to help keep them in legwarmers and jazz shoes until they landed their next big role. Bob relished working with these performers whose natural confidence and gregariousness alongside professionally trained voices made for the best contact centre agents in town.



Celebrating our 30th birthday the best way we know how, with excessive amounts of cake!


Bob saw great potential in these actors, and in exchange for their enthusiastic work ethic and effortless charm, Bob offered a dependable wage and the freedom and flexibility to attend auditions and continue to pursue their creative callings. Word of Bob’s actor-centric business model spread fast, staff members quickly recommending RSVP to all their friends looking for that ideal mixture of both stability and flexibility often lacking from a jobbing actor’s life.



Our founder, Bob Fitzjohn seen here with his invention TheEasyLock


RSVP’s reputation too grew amongst the telecommunications industry, praised for the high quality work of its naturally talented staff. What started as messaging service quickly adapted to meet other client needs and the company soon began to expand, further and further. Nowadays, RSVP offer a huge range of services including both inbound and outbound sales, subscription sales, lead generation, customer acquisition, customer service, customer retention, campaign testing, welcome calls, SMS and email response as well as international sales and services as well. One service we are particularly proud of is our full campaign consultation service, tailoring a campaign to a client’s very specific needs, drawing on our 30 years of experience to create an exceptional bespoke plan to help our client’s thrive.


To this day, RSVP still follows the same ethos that it began with, hiring only highly talented professional performers, providing the best client services around. While we are certainly a much, much larger company now, each and every staff member still enjoys the same flexibility on which we were founded, allowing staff to disappear from their shift at the drop of a hat to get to an audition on time, after all we’ve always got someone to cover the lines, and who knows when their next big break may be!



Everyone loved our lovingly hand-decorated 30th birthday cupcakes!


As we turn 30 years old, we can’t help but look at how much we’ve achieved. What started off as a small business with a handful of staff has now become so much more. We now employ over 400 staff, have a wonderful HQ in London, a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf, as well as a second site which opened in Media City near Manchester nearly in 2016. We also are able to support the creative pursuits of our staff better than ever, with our incredible in-house agency, RSVP Artists.



Nothing puts a smile on someone's face quite like a tray of cupcakes!


During this, our 30th year, we would like to say a huge thank you to our founder, Bob, and to all of our staff both past and present for making us what we are today. Bob is no stranger to innovation, and you can see some of his other ventures by visiting his website here:  This year we were listed once again as one of the London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain and we hope to continue to inspire, innovate and grow even more in our next 30 years. Thank you everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RSVP!