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Posted on 6 December 2016 by

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By Hannah Wyre

RSVP Artists have recently been approached by Michael Ryan and Derek Barr - very successful actors within TV, film, and stage - who now run a company called The Acting Hub. Within this, they offer Reel Acting workshops for TV and screen...

The workshops are delivered by Michael Ryan and Derek Barr who have over 25 years experience between them in TV and film. Film credits include; Steven Spielbergs WARHORSE, Guy Ritchies ROCKNROLLA, Joe Wrights PAN, Matthew Warchus PRIDE, VIOLATORS amongst many more. TV credits include, Stan Lees LUCKY MAN, FOYLES WAR, CASUALTY, LEWIS, HOLLYOAKS, and are currently in production with the ongoing BBC series SILENT WITNESS and ITV's 4 part drama LITTLE BOY BLUE.

'Reel acting classes are a series of workshops focusing on the fundamental aspects of screen acting. The workshops are an in depth analysis of the basics and look heavily at listening, reacting, preparation, audition technique, relaxation, and understanding and knowing your casting type. Through a series of techniques and camera performances you will discover and hone who it is you are as an artist and make it relatable and natural to any character you are required to play.'

As you can imagine, lots of our clients were interested in such a great opportunity, and therefore Michael and Derek held auditions for the workshop on Saturday 19th November. From these auditions, they chose the ten people who showed the best preparation and hard work ethic and the workshop itself was held on Saturday 3rd of December. 

A basic overview of the workshop -

Our clients all had two scripts to learn each -in the workshop they were paired up and quickly put in front of the camera! Michael and Derek focused on one individual at a time, giving them three times to record the scene and in between giving them different directions and notes to help enhance their performance. They would each then have a go, and near the end of the session, repeat once more to make sure that they took on all the notes and hopefully to see a big difference from their initial performance. 

Speaking to our clients afterwards they were all super happy with the experience and found it extremely beneficial...

Jordan John - 'I really enjoyed the workshop, I thought it was really genuine. We worked on finding the truth in performing for screen and it was really reassuring to receive practical feedback that we could take into auditions. Great to see how different interpretations may be received in a casting room and we were really encouraged to shake things up and play which was valuable. Personally, finding the truth has always been the foundation of acting for me, so it was great to hear experienced individuals helping me to trust that the camera will pick up on it, good stuff!' 

Nick Tuck - 'The workshop was great. Both Michael and Del are really cool guys and both very easy to work which gives you a better performance. I would have happily done the workshop for longer and look forward to working with them again.'

Sophie Alexander - 'I found the workshop really insightful. They really knew what they were talking about. They were really patient and talked about auditions in a candid way which is great. Its made me feel less nervous for them.'

Simon Berry - 'It was great, again as per the audition a permissive environment, a real eye-opening technique of revealing the impact every moment/movement has when captured by a camera. And a great chance to see the skills of others, highly impressive.'

Danny Lawton - 'Michael and Derek created a really relaxed environment for us to work in. They were positive, and helpful in their feedback helping us to alter our approach to the scene and to try new ideas. I feel I gained a great deal from the workshop, particularly in how to approach auditions for TV and film before even stepping in the room!'

All sounds great to me!! So glad that the clients enjoyed the workshop and that they felt they gained so much - it really does sound very beneficial and helpful. Thank you very much Michael and Derek!

If you would like more information on The Acting Hub - find them via their twitter page - @TheActingHub 

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