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Posted on 3 February 2016

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We speak a lot about the teamwork here at RSVP between the agents, but we do sometimes miss out the work that goes on between us and the clients we work with.

RSVP work with Secret Escapes, the well-known travel company that gets fantastic deals on luxury holidays. We cover their customer services across many regions in Europe and across the Atlantic. This week Shane who is customer service leader over at Secret Escapes has just been named in the top 400 Customer Service Leaders in the UK.

Whilst Shane was delighted with the news he was quick to recognise all the hard work that RSVP have done in getting him there, "Take this as recognition of your work. No-one ever won anything or achieved anything without help from others and those that believe it was all their hard work, is fooling themselves who's ego far outweighs their talent. So, thank you all for your help."

RSVP would like to say thanks to Shane for those kind words and big congratulations to him as well. We would also like to praise the hard work of the team downstairs who have done brilliantly for us over the last year. Keep up the good work guys