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Posted on 21 March 2014 by

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On February 10th the Which? team commenced on a challenge to each create 400 Which? trialists by the 13th March! If the target was reached then £400 could be theirs!  In the interests of fairness anyone who reached 400 trialists was given a raffle ticket with the draw to take place on the 13th March!  Early front runners were the usual suspects of course but as the weeks went on a few stallions started to find their legs and soon the race began to open up!  Week by week another person would unnoticed creep up the leader board whilst others started to lag and drop off from the font.  On the eve of the raffle draw  a dramatic twist of events led to some interesting developments!  The target was dropped by 50 and the team were given until Monday 17th to hit the new target of 350 trialists! 

Tuesday 18th then, and the day of the raffle draw.  Balloons, party poppers and of course cake meant for a fun filled day.  At close of play there were 14 names in the hat but there could only be one winner!  The office filled with suspense as Which? supervisor Chris pulled lucky number 62 out of the hat!  There was a deadly hush for a split second before a roar of excitement erupted from Aaron as he realised that he was that lucky person!

 What he will do with his £400 only he knows.  One things for sure.  Slow and steady wins the race!