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Posted on 11 August 2016 by


By Hannah Wyre

So the office Olympics here at RSVP has been a triumph so far, with people having a blast and enjoying the friendly competition!

Yesterday’s game was team aeroplane building.

Pairs from each account had to work as a team to build a paper aeroplane, taking it in turns to each make a fold, without conferring with each other, and they had a maximum of 7 folds between them.

Once the aeroplanes had been built, we then had a runway and tested them out to see which aeroplane flew the furthest… The winners were the Hillary’s duo, Lizzie and Don, who each won an extra 15 minutes lunch!

Here are pictures of the fun unfolding…

IMG 5942IMG 5948IMG 5950IMG 5952IMG 5954IMG 5956IMG 5957IMG 5959IMG 5960IMG 5961IMG 5963IMG 5964IMG 5965IMG 5966IMG 5967IMG 5970IMG 5971IMG 5972IMG 5974IMG 5975IMG 5977IMG 5978IMG 5979IMG 5980IMG 5983IMG 5986IMG 5987IMG 5988