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Posted on 5 February 2016


Well it is all a bit after the Lords Mayor’s Show here at RSVP as we spent Saturday at in the ballroom in the Raddison Blu at Marble Arch for Surviving Actors.

As sponsors of the event it was really great to see so many new faces as well as some more familiar ones there across the day on Saturday.  There were lots of great stalls set up for actors and performers to get themselves some advice and some bargains in helping them through their career, and RSVP has a pitch of their own too.

We were there to spread the word about RSVP and the flexibility we give our staff to go pursue their acting career whilst giving them a full time job, as well as many other benefits including a free rehearsal space, money of headshots as well as voice reels and show reels.

Richard Lawrence (stage name Kaiden DuBois) works at RSVP and is also an actor; he was at the event for us on the weekend and had this to say, “I had a really good time letting people know about RSVP. I know the flexibility here has really helped me over the years and it was great waxing lyrical about it to all the people at Surviving Actors.” He went on to say “we met a lot of great people and got a long list of e-mail addresses so the day was a success for us.”

If you would like to know more about Surviving Actors and what they do then please check out their website, their next event will be in Manchester in October. If you like to find out more about working at RSVP then please click on the careers tab above.  

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