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Posted on 17 August 2015

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 One of our former staff members Wayne Russell is about to embark on an epic journey around the whole of the Great British coastline. Wayne plans to run every inch of the UK coastline to realise a lifelong dream as well as raising money for charity. The charity who he is running for are a group dedicated to helping people like Wayne perform these super heroic feats and raise money in the process.

It is especially amazing that Wayne is managing to do this as last year just before Christmas (and whilst a little bit ‘tired and emotional’) he broke his ankle and had to have pins placed in. read his full story here But after a lot of recovery and training Wayne is ready to go again!

So in support of his effort at the Superhero Foundation RSVP will be doing Superhero Friday. We want our employee’s to dress up in their finest superhero gear, jump in the Batmobile (or the DLR) and use their Spidey powers to swing into the office (or just use the lift) and help us raise money. We will have a best costume prize, quizzes and lot’s else and we will keep you updated on the whole day, meanwhile make sure you check out the websites and become superhero of your own. 

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