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Posted on 8 January 2016

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Here at RSVP we do realise that working in the call centre is not the chosen career path of our agents. In fact as I’m sure you are aware we pride ourselves on hiring actors and performers and helping them pursue their career by allowing them 100% flexibility to go to audition, performances etc.

Not only that we also like to help out are actors in other ways too. We get discounts for them on things such as headshots, voice Reels, show reels and rehearsal spaces. But occasionally we like to extra mile as well.

As stated in the last couple of blogs the year has started off with a bang. We are looking for all the hours we can get and are on a massive recruitment drive at the moment. Our biggest subscription team has come up with a great idea to get the most out of the fabulous staff that we already have here at RSVP. Anyone who does over 40 hours in a week will not only get a bonus in their paycheque but with every 5 sales they get they will also get entered into a raffle where top prize is a free yearlong subscription to Spotlight, one of the UK’s top casting websites. Usually for the actors on there they have to pay a subscription fee of £154 so it’s a great opportunity for our actors to save themselves a lot money.

So good luck to all you guys down there on the 5th floor!