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Posted on 4 November 2019

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By Richard Lawrence-Allen


It’s our favourite time of year again here at RSVP! The weather is starting to get colder and with Bonfire Night tomorrow, Christmas is just a stone’s throw away. However, my personal favourite event of the RSVP year was last Friday, with our annual Halloween Spooktacular!




Every year, on Halloween, the RSVP offices are turned into a horror wonderland and RSVP staff have the chance to win some ghoulish prizes in our Halloween costume competition. Our fantastic actors, designers, directors and our altogether creative workforce let loose their inner monsters and don their spookiest costumes to try and impress our judges. It’s always and absolute wonder to see what clever, classic and inventive costumes our staff choose.


20191101 120156 


The practise of dressing up for Halloween stems from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain where it was believed that the end of the summer harvest and the start of the cold dark winter marked when the boundaries between the living and the dead were the weakest. It was thought that during this time spirits were able to walk the earth. The aim of dressing up in your most terrifying garb originated as a way to scare off any wandering spirits that may come near.



 Some of our spookiest staff!


Nowadays of course, these original Halloween superstitions have somewhat fallen by the wayside, and most people will dress up simply for fun. And it certainly is fun! This Halloween we were met with a range of fabulous different outfits. We were greeted a phenomenal range of spooks, monsters and ghouls as well as not one but two Spider-Men, one Peter Parker and one Miles Morales! Into the Spider-Verse we go! We also had a Fred and Velma representing for Mystery Incorporated (Scooby was unavailable due to the number of ghouls in the office), a dragon-human hybrid, Hades: Lord of the Dead paid a visit and a female iteration of Beetlejuice reared her head after her name was spoken three times!


20191101 133214

Lauren rocking her genderbent Beetlejuice look! 


The winner of the costume competition this year came in the form of a very bloody and beardy-looking small girl (minus the twin) from Stephen King’s The Shining. It was the most terrifying thing with the most adorable big black bow that we’ve ever seen and the prize was definitely well-earned.



 Our deserving winner!


It was another boo-rific event here at RSVP and we can’t wait to see what fantastic horrors await us next year!