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Posted on 6 September 2018 by

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By Richard Lawrence-Allen


As any follower of this blog will be aware, here at RSVP we love giving back to a worthy cause whenever we can. We try to run at least one charity event with our staff every month and our last event to finish off our August was possibly our most popular one to date.


RSVP has an ever evolving family of staff; we take in talented actors and performers all the time and watch them come and go as their careers progress. Even once a staff member has moved on from RSVP, whether they have moved away to another city, moved on from performance work, or even become so successful that they don’t need us anymore, we love to stay in touch with them and see where life post-RSVP has taken them.



This is a picture of me, and former staff member Beckie Honeybun living our Harry Potter fantasy for Halloween 2017!


One of our most widely beloved former staff members, Beckie “Bunny” Honeybun, who worked with us both as a sales agent, and social media co-coordinator, left RSVP last year to move back to her home city of Bath and be closer to her family. Beckie even used to be the primary content creator for this very blog! This year, Beckie’s father was rushed to hospital after a tragic car accident and sadly passed away owing to the severity of his injuries. We were all heartbroken by the news and wanted to do whatever we could to help. Beckie was so thankful to the staff of Southmead Hospital for the care that they provided to her father and everything they did to save him that she began a fundraising campaign to help support their Intensive Care Unit.


The RSVP events team knew that we would have to do something special for Beckie and for the memory of her wonderful dad, and raise as much money as we could for the hospital fund. Beckie was always well-known at RSVP for her stunningly beautiful nails; to honour this, for one day only, we decided we would open our very own nail salon, ‘Bunny’s Beautiful Pamper Parlour’.




Here is Lauren giving a lovely relaxing hand massage.



Dan gives Aydan a meticulous manicure!


We transformed our reception area into our very own miniature salon, complete this decorative bunting (because everyone loves a bit of bunting!) and relaxing contemporary jazz sounds. At the pamper parlour, staff could take a break away from their hectic day of work, sit and have their nails painted, or even treat themselves to some shellac. We offered manicures and hand massages and anyone who came by to see the salon could grab some homemade revitalising citrus water, or even a cooling virgin mojito.



Montana’s nails get an RSVP makeover!


Staff really took to the event, and relished the chance to unwind at the salon for an extended break after a busy week on the phones. All in all we managed to raise a phenomenal £182.84 for Beckie’s fund, all of which will go to the Southmead Hospital Charity. We want to say a huge thank you to Southmead Hospital for everything that they have done for Beckie and her family during this incredibly difficult time. We are sending all of our love to Beckie, and while she may be far away in distance, she remains always in our hearts.



Another successful shellac done here too!


If you would like to help, Beckie’s fund for the hospital is still currently open and you will be able to donate online using the following link:



Thank you very much in advance for your support.