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Posted on 30 October 2015



Creek creek went the lift doors as I entered the office. I usually feel comfortable as I enter these rooms like I have done every day for a year, but today was not like any other day. I turned the corner and to my horror instead of being greeting by the friendly RSVP team that I know and love, I face a terrifying group of ghost and ghouls coming towards me. I shriek in fear. But to my surprise instead of coming to get me they all wave me a friendly hello. Then I realise my mistake...

It's Halloween and the lovely RSVP team have come in all dressed up. There are Vampires, Devils, and all kinds of creatures for you to marvel at. As well as dressing up for the fun of it, the lovely team at RSVP wanted to raise money for Children With Cancer UK, a charity very close to our Director of Resources heart Steven Thorn. Find out more about what they do here

Here are some of the photo's we got from the day.


 IMG 0399IMG 0398

IMG 0426IMG 0425IMG 0424IMG 0423IMG 0421IMG 0419IMG 0418IMG 0417IMG 0416IMG 0413IMG 0412IMG 0411IMG 0409IMG 0407IMG 0405IMG 0404