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Posted on 3 March 2017 by

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by Rebecca Honeybun


1 Consistency is key

When posting updates on social media, remember to be consistent with how often you post them. Plan what you’re going to post and how often you are going to post, and stick to it. This should ideally be a few times, depending on what goals you have as a business. This will keep your following high as well as keeping you in the social media loop!


2 Use a variety of social networks

Your followers will use different types of social networks, so it’s important to regularly update all the ones you use. Ideally you should be using all the most popular sites; i.e. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This will make you look experienced and modern as a business as well as maximising your following.


3 Understand the networks you choose to use

Just because you’re maintaining a variety of different social network sites, it doesn’t mean you can post the exact same thing on each one. Don’t be lazy! You need long posts for LinkedIn, videos, pictures and memes for Facebook and short announcements for Twitter. Don’t forget to regularly use hashtags when posting updates on Twitter as this will help trend your business and therefore get seen by more people!


4 Get the right balance

It’s important to have a healthy balance between your popularity and your business. You want to be popular because you want to expand your business and it’s important for you to come across in the best possible way. Make sure you show a fun side as well as promoting your business!


5 Make sure you’re portraying the right message

Sometimes it will be tempting to post an update just because you think it will result in more followers. Ultimately the aim is, of course, to get as many followers as possible and to make people aware of your business, but it’s important the content of your updates tie in with your message.


6 Ask for feedback!

Don’t be scared to ask for feedback. It’s important to know what people think of your business and you should always be looking for new ways to improve! This will make you look more approachable and friendly as a business.


RSVP manages social media for a variety of clients and the fact that they trust us so implicitly with their image makes us very proud.  If you need any help managing your Social Media, get in touch!