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Posted on 4 February 2016 by

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The office is getting all a buzz as it once again time for the Six Nations rugby tournament. After all the excitement of the Rugby World Cup held in England last year it will be interesting to see how the home nations react to disappointing tournament.

The Subscriptions Team downstairs are extra excited this year as they have set themselves up and incentive to go along with it. They have put themselves into teams mirroring the countries involved and each have a manager, team captain and vice captain who are as follows:


Manager –        John Bell

Captain –         Corinna Aggar

Vice Captain –  Jason Yip


Manager – Chris Dale

Captain -  Malcolm Kutub

Vice Captain - TBA


Manager -           Hiten Patel

Captain -              Emma Mayes

Vice Captain -    Sian Hill


Manager -           Phil Smith

Captain -              Fleur Golding

Vice Captain -    Chris Norman


Manager -           Giles Hylton

Captain -              Marcus

Vice Captain -    Sophie Kilburn


Manager -           Chris Lane

Captain -              Adam Wood

Vice Captain -    Raymondo Adelekun


There are big prizes for the overall winners of the competition plus prizes for the head to heads. The competition breakdown works like this:

 Scoring is as follows:
A try                 = 5 Points     (Score a try by meeting your weekly SPH target)
A Penalty Try     = 5 Points     (Working 8 Hours at the Weekend)
A Conversion      = 2 points     (Awarded to the highest quality-scored calls of the week)
A Drop Goal       = 3 points     (If your country wins a match in the Six Nations)
A Penalty           = -3 points   (3 points deducted for lateness/non-attendance)
Teams will compete for extra prizes/points on Funday Fridays

We wish all the teams best of luck in the real and our Six Nations, and a note from myself C'mon England!

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