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In our next installment of out #thatfridayfeeling events, today is Superhero Friday.

As I explained in a blog early this week ( we are all in our superhero gear to support one of our former staff members Wayne Russell on a epic challenge of running every inch of the British coastline. He is doing this in aide of the Superhero Foundation, a charity set up to "Empower real-life Superheroes to change & save lives. A charity supporting adventures & challenges to fund raise for the relief of mental or physical illness" you can see what there are all about on their website You can also see Waynes full story and the trials and tribulations of training for this epic run at

Here are a few of our superheroes who have come in today to help raise some cash (with a few touches with Photoshop).


Here's Dan glowing with power

Super Dan


Myself breaking out of my Clark Kent into my Superman!

Snapchat 239089860640553079


Tania in her Lara Croft gear getting ready to go Tomb Raiding

IMG 7483


Lizzie our resident Catwoman!

IMG 7476


The Phantom Fox has made her way in.



Johnathan could only be The Crow!

IMG 7451


The question mark may be appropriate as I'm not sure what he is!



Turtle Power!



Our very own Wonderwoman!

IMG 7493


and lastly Neo from The Matrix,

IMG 7500


The RSVP SUPER POWER SQUAD assembled for one last photo!