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Posted on 5 August 2015

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I know we like to talk about how much we deliver the goods especially when looking at customer service. But we wanted to show you that what we’re saying is not just hot air, but is clear as day in the statistics.

One of our customer service accounts dealing with travel and tourism is proving itself to be the best the business. The national average of customer satisfaction with services in the leisure and tourism industry is at 79% (calculated by The Institute of Customer Service). The customer satisfaction levels are known as the CSats and are configured from feedback by customers across many different areas such as professionalism, quality, efficiency, ease of doing business, timeliness, problem solving and complaint handling. In the last 30 days our team down on the 5th floor have managed to get CSat scores of 91%, over 10% higher than the national average.

It is not only the customer satisfaction scores that are showing we are the cream of the crop but we are responding much much faster than the rest of the industry. The average response time to an email in the tourism sector is just under 24 hours at 23.2, however are average e-mail response time is now within 4 hours, almost 20 hours quicker than the industry average. Not only that our one response resolution is again much higher than the average, by almost 40%. What that means is that we are dealing with 61% of our queries with just one e-mail.

Account supervisor Seb said “all of our agents are now achieving fantastic results with the quality and response time of their work” and said it was especially pleasing because “we are now entering peak time for the industry. Well done everybody.”