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It's Friday again! It's been a bit of a wet and windy week but that won't dampen our spirits.

Today we are having a raffle with some great prizes. Top prize is for a £60 voucher for the Saddler Wells Theatre, we've also vouchers for your food and shopping a few boozey prizes, some chocolates, some extra break time and leaving an hour early on a Friday, paid!

The reason we are raising money today is in the name of Jonathan Ollivier. He was a great talent admired by us all and a very lucky few here at RSVP got to work with him. The charities we have chosen are in accordance with his families wishes, in particular Re:Bourne is a charity set up and run by Matthew Bourne who worked closely with Jonathan on countless shows and was director of the last show Jonathan was performing in.

 In the blog I'll be showing some photo's of the day and the eventual winners and some thoughts from Nathanael who worked with Johnathan.


IMG 7373IMG 6988IMG 1648 


Sebastian Fyffe our beautiful assistant.

IMG 7010IMG 6995



Here are our winners!

Firstly Kyron, winning an extra 20 minutes on his lunch break! With myself thrown into the picture (left) for handsomeness!

IMG 7379

Number 2 Was Tom Mcleod, picking himself up some Thorntons chocolate.

IMG 7380

Next one down was Adi, for a couple of bottles of red.

IMG 7384

Chloe got herself an hour off early on her Friday of her choice!

IMG 7386

Unwin who picked this one out before it was drawn amazingly picked up the Jaegermeister!

IMG 7389

Chris Keenan got a Yankee set!

IMG 7388

£20 worth of Asda voucher going to Tom Upton!

IMG 7391

The winner of the top prize for £60 worth of Saddler Wells vouchers went to Freya Bardell!

IMG 7392

Very well done to Freya hope you enjoy your tickets and have a great day over there! and congratulations to all the winners. 


We thought we should end with some last words from someone who knew and worked with Jonathan Ollivier closely through their career.

"I was incredibly lucky to have with Johnathan Ollivier when I was just 14 with the Northern Ballet. It was in a production of 'A Christmas Carol' where he was playing Bob Cratchitt and I was playing his son Peter. It was one of the first professional productions I had ever done, and he was the most incredible male dancer I have ever met and his offstage personality matched. He was full of kindness and had time for everyone. As it was one of my first professional jobs I was obviously full of nerves, but he continuously calmed me down and has the patience with me, which gave me confidence.

As a male dancer he will always be an inspiration to me because he came form a 'Billy Elliot' background. His presence on stage was phenomenal, his strength and charisma was absolutely outstanding. I was very lucky to have him as my personal inspiration. It's truly awful that he's gone but he will always be remembered as one of the best." - Nathaneal James