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Posted on 25 April 2016

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The world has ended, nothing is left but some ruined building, nuclear waste, and a handful of RSVP staff. Whilst they all were once close friends the fight for resources has driven them to violence against each other with ultra-modern laser weapons.

They split into two factions it was red vs greens for some reason and the battle is epic. The leader of green clan was the warrior Gyles and the leader of the Red Clan was Chris.

After the epic battle between the two teams the fight for the resources stopped after they realised there was a curry house around the corner.

Instead of fighting they decided that was it better to break poppadum’s and bhaji’s with one another and they all lived happily ever after.




Just to fill you in without the weird story the two winners of the RSVP Six Nations competition went for laser tag and a curry. I’m told they had a cracking time and there was no violence between anyone.

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