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Posted on 7 July 2015

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We’ve talked a lot about what our stuff do when they’re not at RSVP. A lot of big claims about theatre shows and movie-making – but where’s the nitty gritty? Where’s the meat on the bones? 

Well – It’s here…

“RSVP: On Location” is a brand new blog from the point of view of those who are at RVSP, but aren’t. Our guest bloggers are all on location, or treading the boards, or off doing wonderful things, and sharing their terrific experiences with us!

First off is Andrew the Actor, and he will be blogging from inside the whirlwind of Edinburgh’s Fringe. His own show, ‘Down & Out in Paris & London’ at the Pleasance 2, is on for the whole month; he’s set to write about his own experiences doing a show at The Fringe, as well as reviewing some of the other awesome work up there.

His blog is set to be compelling and enlightening, detailing all the ups and downs of 31 days by the Water of Leith. Andrew also reviews for others websites and we will be linking into these too!

Happy Reading!