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Posted on 25 February 2016


The great news RSVP has had this week is obviously spreading like wildfire as we've has been making the news once again.

Just in case you haven’t heard (which would be difficult if you follow our blog) RSVP was listed by the London Stock Exchange Group in the ‘Top 1000 Companies to Inspire’ on Monday. The list was comprised of only Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s) and considering there are over 5 million in the UK, we were pretty chuffed to be named in the top 1000.

On the back of this we have featured in a number of articles across the contact centre industry’s’ online trade publications.  This piece published on spoke about the award we received and in the process heaped praised on to RSVP. “RSVP Call Centres Limited is one of the UK’s leading call centres and the only contact centre to be staffed across the board by actors. RSVP is now in its 28th year and is enjoying exceptional year on year growth.” also wrote an article referring to the Top 1000 list (follow the link here Again the piece contained glowing praise for us here in Crossharbour “The reason that RSVP is constantly out-performing competitors is a combination of a long standing, dedicated Management team and a staff base which consists entirely of confident and talented professional actors.”

Not that we weren’t blushing already but this week we also had a profile on The guys from the website came and had a tour of the office last month and were clearly impressed with what they saw. The article entitled “12 Things You Can Learn From the RSVP Contact Centre” gave an insight on how we run our business and what others could learn to get ahead, including gems like “Put a darts board on the contact centre floor.” The piece is well worth a read and you can find it here  

Getting positive publicity is always a great thing. At RSVP we have been working hard for 28 years to get where we are now and getting recognition for this is always nice. Thanks to all the people who wrote the articles about us and we hope to continue to impress everyone in the future.

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