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Posted on 12 May 2016

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RSVP has been busy, busy, bees this week having been exhibiting at two expo events across London.

Simon, Louise and a merry band of agents went to the first of these the prestigious B2B Marketing Expo held at the ExCel Centre in Docklands London. The huge conference hall in the Royal Docks where the some of the events were held during the London Olympics has for the last two days has housed over 5000 visitors and 150 Exhibitors with RSVP being one of them. Never missing an opportunity to perform us RSVP lot were certainly not going to turn up just wearing a nice suit. We came in full costume to give the Expo a bit of sparkle. So for anyone who intended if you saw, Bonnie and Clyde, Sandy and Danny or a Cowboy and Saloon Girl then that was us.

The Expo was set as “an interactive exhibition designed specifically for the marketing sector, and will help to grow your professional expertise. Here, you will learn new ideas, connect with marketers, and find the resources needed to elevate your marketing to the next level and win more business for your company” according to their about page. At RSVP we are hoping that the fantastic start of the year we’ve had can attract more fantastic businesses to come and work with us.

As I mentioned the B2B Marketing Expo was not the only expo we had this week. Hiten, Phil and Paul were at the PPA Live festival at Victoria House Central London. The Professional Publisher Association (PPA) set up the festival up as “a unique experience, the one day in the year when the entire world of UK Magazine Media comes together to explore, advance, and celebrate what we have done, what we are doing, and, most importantly, what we do next.” RSVP has expertise marketing magazines and publications over the telephone; working with some of the UK’s biggest publishing houses and again we there to show how working with RSVP can great for publishing businesses.

Well we are pretty tired now but we wanted to say well done to all the guys who were out there promoting the good name at RSVP.