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Posted on 5 December 2018 by

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By Charlie Platt


Being in the arts can be tricky.

Being in the arts in December, can be especially hard!  


Many performers will no doubt be starting to self-evaluate how the year has panned out for them. Remember individual highs and lows and asking questions like:


  • What did I achieve this year?
  • How did I grow as an artist?
  • Why didn’t that casting director ever call me in for that job I was so perfect for?


What also will more than likely be happening around this time of year, is the plan of  ‘How to Take Over the World in 2019’ will start to be planned and plotted.


Whirling around, performers will constantly being asking themselves:


  • What am I going to do differently next year?
  • How do I remain focused?
  • What’s needed to get me that big break?


A list of New Year goals will be frantically scribbled down in a shining new notebook and the promise will be made to stick with your aims however hard this may be- New Year, New You.


So, with this in mind, here at RSVP Artists, we have put together a list of things that could help when writing those lists.  Enjoy!


  • Be Brave. Be Ballsy: This doesn’t mean harassing people constantly with sending emails or interrupting a casting director’s night out when you see them in a bar. However, if you want something, make this year the year that you don’t sit back and wait. It’s the year you go out and attempt to get it!


  • Send that email: Drop that email that you have been talking about doing for months.  Creatives are never going to know you exist if you do not give them a friendly nudge.


  • Update your material: You are your business and to evolve and grow you have to keep making changes. Get new headshots, take those scenes from 2014 out of your showreel and work on making your business as eye catching and as interesting as possible.


  • Read a play a month: Spend those mornings into work instead of on your phone but with a book in your hands. Nothing beats a good read!


  • Remember People's Names: There’re a lot of people crammed in to this small industry so remembering people’s names can be hard. In the back of a notebook, jot down industry folk who you have met, when you met them and what you met them for.  It will come in handy.


  • Support Fellow Creatives:- Sometimes it’s hard not to be jealous of other creatives in the industry who may seem like they are doing well and are further on in their career and development than you. Your time will come, just be patient. Support and share the success of others, it will give you the fire and determination to keep working up that individual ladder that you have placed in front of you.


  • Be Kind to Yourself: When you lose your path and things are appearing to be a bit foggy- have a break, this does not mean you are failing. As much as having determination plays a key part in any success, sometimes you need to take a breather and this is absolutely fine.  Come away from social media or the world you have surrounded tightly around yourself and look on from a far for a bit.  Relax, re-assess and return when you are ready!


Check in again for more top tips later in the year!