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Posted on 13 December 2016 by


By Hannah Wyre

With Christmas being just around the corner, and our offices soon to be closed, we thought we would fill you all in with the progression of RSVP Artists so far. 

Our in house agency was set up in late June, and has since gone from strength to strength!

Anyone who currently works for RSVP (for at least a month) is able to apply for representation with our agency. One of the biggest perks of this is that we take 0% commission which is unheard of in the performing industry!! We do so as this is not a money making venture, instead it is more about helping our wonderful employees have more job satisfaction - knowing that we are trying our best to get them as many performing jobs as possible. 

We started by just receiving the basic breakdowns for characters via Spotlight, however, the head agent Charlie, has worked super hard and has emailed out to hundreds of casting directors asking to be put on their mailing lists for any future projects. By explaining the ethos of our agency, we have now secured a place on the mailing lists and breakdowns from those working for the BBC and many more.

Our clients have been wonderful and have been auditioning around the clock - and lots of them have got fantastic jobs so far...

...A short film directed by the assistant director of Blackswan starring Natalie Portman. Filming for an exciting new big budget feature film. Voiceover job on the upcoming Wonder Woman feature film released in 2018. Voice over work with Pinewood Studios recording for programmes on Amazon Prime. Dulux commercial with the Dulux dog and still photography. Sky advert alongside Tom Hardy. Tattoo Fixers. Immersive theatre with an exciting EasyJet campaign. A commercial for An online commercial for Otis Corporate. A commercial for Sun Bets. Various clients in pantomimes. 

As well as these fantastic jobs we have also received casting breakdowns, auditions and recalls with some exciting casting directors and companies...

Nina Gold (Game of Thrones). Pippa Aillion (West End musicals). Aisha Walters (Peaky Blinders). Dan Hubbard. Derek Barnes, Rowland Beckley, and Julia Crampsie (BBC top dogs). Amy Ball (Royal Court). Young Shakespeare Company. Hammond & Cox. Lesley Beastall. Belinda Norcliffe. Middle Ground Theatre Company. Secret Cinema. Kharmel Cochrane. Anna Kennedy. Just to name a few!!

Also, we have had a visit from a fantastic company, The Acting Hub, who have run their acting for screen workshop with our clients which was hugely beneficial and informative. 

We are mega excited about the successes of the agency so far and look forward to the new year and hopefully the many opportunities that it will bring. We are aware that there is more and more work to be done and also aim to send out another mail out to even more casting directors very soon. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year from Charlie and Hannah.