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Posted on 29 September 2016 by


By Hannah Wyre

We thought it was about time to update you with news about our in house agency that we run for all of our brilliantly talented staff.

Let me introduce you to our wonderful agent, Charlie Platt…

Charlie has previously worked for a successful co-operative agency in London and has now taken the role of head agent here at RSVP Artists to manage our fabulous staff in their exciting performing pursuits. Charlie came into her role here in late July, and has been making fantastic steps to get the agency the reputation which it deserves and to get the actors on the books as many auditions as possible.

She has been super busy with the new agency, from meeting with each new client and understanding their wants and expectations, to trying to extend our industry contacts and relationships which can only help all of our actors on their journey.

The agency aims to be in touch with as many casting directors as possible to receive their breakdowns for future characters in the hope that we can supply them with the perfect people for the job.

The results have been fantastic so far…

Our clients have since been having fantastic auditions for lots of commercials, theatre productions, pantomimes, and musicals so we are super excited for what the future holds!

The agency serves as an amazing perk for employees of RSVP who haven’t got representation already, ensuring that the company is trying hard to get their employees their dream job. RSVP Artists takes 0% commission, therefore meaning if a client secures a job, all the money is theirs to keep! (Winner!)

We are very confident that the agency will go from strength to strength and hopefully you will start to see our actors on your screens in future…Watch this space!!