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Posted on 15 June 2016

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Not that RSVP isn’t great enough for our staff who are performers, but this week we have launched an in-house actor’s agency. That’s right!  not only do we give them time off to go and perform and go to auditions,  now we are now actively trying to find opportunities for them.

RSVP Artists is a new agency just for RSVP staff with the aim of aiding our talented bunch here to further their career as an actor. Not only that but this it is 100% commission free so we will not be taking a cut of the performer’s hard earned money.

If you are looking for great talent then you can find our actors here at We already have more than 40 names on our books and this is rising daily! We have a wide age range as well as build, hair colour, and appearance with a really handy search bar so that you can find exactly the sort of actor you are looking for on the site.

Not to blow our own trumpets but even though the site is in its infancy we have already lined up some fantastic casting and auditions for some of our stars including two commercials and one for an American T.V series.

Simon Christie who has been running the site for us is really pleased with how RSVP Artists has started. “It has been really great how it’s gone so far. It’s fantastic that we have already had castings and auditions for our Artists and we are pleased that we can help our staff with their career and give them that step up. As a former performer myself I know it can be difficult juggling work with acting and I am really proud that RSVP helps in this way so much. “

So if you are actor looking for a day job and the right step in your career we are perfect for you.

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