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Posted on 31 December 2015

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As 2015 draws to its conclusion it is only natural for one to start reflecting on the year that has just gone to pass.

At RSVP we have had a fantastic 2015 and we are even more excited about the year to come. In this blog I am going to do a rundown on some of the best stories and blogs from this year, so hold tight for the RSVP review of 2015.


First things first on 2015 there was cake, I mean a hell of a lot of cake! Whether it was valentine’s day, Halloween, Christmas, a Friday there was always an excuse to have some cake. But the main event of the year this year was our Macmillan Coffee Morning! We managed to raise over a £1000 for the charity this year and had some great fun while doing so. Have a look at some of the delicious treats here.

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Cakes were not the only way we raised money for charity this year. The superhumans at RSVP have done some amazing things this year do raise money for some great charities. Our head of resources  Stevie Thorn is doing 40 for 40 this year, meaning doing 40 physical feats for his 40th birthday for the charity Children with Cancer.  Hiten Patel our Client Services Director became a Brandon Trust Buddy this year helping support adults with learning disabilities. But the most superhuman of efforts this year has come from one of our former staff Wayne Russell. He has set himself the Herculean task of running the entirety of the British for the Superhero Foundation. To give him a bit of a hand we held a Superhero Day here in the office to help raise money for a GPS tracker.

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The Edinburgh Fringe

For Theatre lovers the Fringe is a fantastic place to see new and exciting talent and this year we had our own man on the ground. Andrew Baker was performing with his company and blogging his experiences here. If you haven’t seen his blogs they are brilliant and well worth a read.

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Lastly it has been a brilliant year for the company as whole. We have had the largest number we have ever had this year, this biggest single team size and most number of clients we have ever had. We would like to thank everybody from our Directors, Managers, Supervisors and especially the agents for all their hard work this year, and we wish them all a very happy New Year! Let’s make 2016 even better!

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