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Posted on 25 August 2016 by

By Hannah Wyre

In Tuesday’s blog we mentioned our brilliant staff member, Cynthia Onwuzulike, and how she is soon to go to Uganda to volunteer for the charity Restless Development for three months. She will be helping raise awareness about sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention and also teaching essential employment skills to the youths of Uganda. What a fantastic cause!

To help Cynthia raise as much money as possible before she jets off, here at RSVP we had a bake sale full of homemade treats (some shop bought admittedly) where people could take cakes and donate however much they like towards Cynthia’s charity journey.

Cynthia managed to raise over £180 from our simple bake sale!!!

Here are pictures of people diving in and enjoying their treats…

IMG 6070IMG 6068IMG 6066IMG 6065IMG 6063IMG 6062IMG 6060IMG 6059IMG 6058IMG 6057IMG 6054IMG 6053IMG 6052IMG 6051IMG 6050IMG 6047IMG 6046IMG 6045