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Posted on 5 July 2016 by

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As you all know, here at RSVP, we employ hundreds of actors, singers, and musicians.

Being in the industry, we all know how many things we are expected to have as a performer to promote ourselves and our talent to the fullest. The mega long list of things we are required to have include: Spotlight, Equity, an acting showreel, Casting Call Pro – the list is endless and costs rather a lot of money!

One of the other things most performers strive to have is a voice reel. This is a montage of 4/5 singing clips of varying songs, usually of different styles, so that a casting director can hear you singing at your very best; giving you the best chance to be seen for an audition. 

One of our very own agents here at RSVP has used his initiative and started up his own voice reel company – one which is going really well!  Danny Lawton, is a recent graduate of Guildford School of Acting, and is now running his voice reel company, Reel Voices, alongside working here.

He has done reels for fellow RSVP’ers and other working actors and charges a very reduced rate compared to those larger companies elsewhere; you are still going to have the professional quality at a fraction of the price! (What more could you want?!)

I’ve posted the Reel Voices Facebook page link below for you to have a look at if you wish. Also, he sits on the 6th floor on Hillary’s account, so feel free to go catch him there if you have any queries!