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Posted on 2 May 2017 by

What a day we had here, last Friday.  Thanks to our wonderful staff, we managed to sell out every ounce of buttery, sugar-filled delights that we were so generously made and donated.

So, the moment we have all been waiting for…


…How much money did we make?


After a final count this morning, we can confirm that, in one afternoon of baked goods, we raised £320 to help fund charities working in Chechnya to bring an end to the horrid human-rights violation that are being carried out against the country’s homosexual population.

Recent developments have been made, thanks to Elena Volochine – a reporter at France24 (, who has collected a personal testimony from a young man who has experienced the horrors facing Chechen men. Watch the interview here:

What remains most terrifying about this crisis is the lack of media attention and government involvement. Obviously, the Chechen authorities continue to bluntly deny the accusations they are facing, but why has there been so little international pressure from other world-leaders to condemn and combat this human crisis?


Well, we will keep doing what little we can as a team, keep raising money and keep on fighting the good fight.


Thank you to Adi Aoya, one of our team members, for bringing this important cause to our attention and proposing we raise money to defend those who need it.    

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