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Posted on 10 July 2017 by

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Here at RSVP, we always love to celebrate and reward our agent’s hard work. And our latest Fun Friday was no exception – we held a raffle across the sales floor for the top sellers and gave our staff the chance to win a £20 lovetoshop voucher!

We feel it’s very important to not only reward staff for great sales work, but also for the quality of their calls. As our agents are representing our clients business, it’s vital the customer never feels under pressure to buy – we train our staff to build a relationship with the customer. So why not reward them for this as well!

So without further ado, here is a list of our winners!


  1. Kerie Beamin
  2. David Acquah
  3. Tom Stocks
  4. Hannah Wood
  5. Aaron Kehou
  6. Roderick Burrows
  7. Sarah Stewart
  8. Rebecca Ridout
  9. Deborah Rock
  10. Tom Pepper
  11. Rebecca Dorgan
  12. Rachel Crane
  13. Claire Llewellyn
  14. Megan Jenkins
  15. Dom Banks
  16. Jake Aspey
  17. Jake Addley
  18. Keith Daley


A massive well done to all – enjoy your vouchers! And as always, keep up the great work!


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