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Posted on 3 March 2016

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Last night it was the showdown to end all showdowns as the mangers took on the supervisors in a bowl off. The stage was set on the lanes of Brick Lane for the holy rollers of RSVP.

The gang were taken out bowling as a thank you for all the hard work they have been doing over the Christmas period and for a striking start to the New Year.

That’s all well and good but let’s face it we all want to know the scores on the doors. Well in the individual battle the top three came out like this

  1. Joe Carter
  2. Danielle Carter (no relation)
  3. Daniel Booth

That’s right the subject of yesterday’s blog took the title with his slinky skills with a bowling ball. I think it’s nice that person in second has stolen her name of the person in third and first, Joe Carter + Daniel Booth = Danielle Carter.

But anyway I think the news you all wanted to hear was who took the team battle and it comes as no surprise that the supervisors romped home to victory. Despite a valiant effort from Dan the supervisor’s team on Danielle, Joe, Chris and Jake were just too strong.

Despite the fierce competition they all left as good friends… until the next time! Keep bowling guys.